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8 bars with: greg tate

Word Around the Campfire - Episode 2: The Chance and Me Chronicles- Wes Unseld and the Electric Chair (Audio Version)

8 bars with: greg thomas

8 bars with: dj johnson

8 bars with: nabaté isles

Word Around the Campfire - Episode 1: Finding the voices of young Black activists in Louisville, KY

8 bars with: allyson wynn

The Ever Fonky Lowdown - I Know I Must Fight...

The Hank and Herb Show - Episode 4: Remembering Stanley Crouch and the Role of the Black Critic

Audio Version of Stanley Crouch - Straight No Chaser: a requiem for my friend and mentor

8 bars with: keith henry brown

The Hank and Herb Show - Episode 3: The Black Image as Propaganda in Arts, Entertainment and Sports

Stanley Crouch - Straight No Chaser?

Higher Ground: reflections on the Hurricane Katrina benefit concert 15 years later

8 bars with: christian mcbride, part i

The Hank and Herb Show - Episode 2: A Simple Solution to Police Brutality in the Black Community

A Simple Solution to the Public Health Crisis of Police Brutality in the Black Community

8 bars with: clifton anderson

J-Walking - a new composition by Wynton Guess performed by pianist Aaron Diehl

The Hank and Herb Show - Episode 1: The Wisdom of the J Master

8 bars with: kyle goldman

Raising Multicultural Children

The Hank and Herb Show


8 bars with: eugene holley, jr.

Big Mama's Podcast Episode 1: Jo Ann James

Working in the waiting room

8 bars with: mark ruffin

Who was your Big Mama?

Finding solutions in today's chaotic world using the wisdom of The J Master

Paradoxical Paradise

Still We Rise - NBA Star Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

8 bars with: jenny campbell

My Big Mama Influences, Part III: Callie Mae Peterson

Still We Rise - My Story of Resiliency

8 bars with: larry muhammad

My Big Mama Influences, Part II: Ola Mae Williamson Johnson

Nita's Blend

Still We Rise

That time I met the Time

8 bars with: lynne toye

My Big Mama Influences, Part I: Alma Jewell Harris

The Chance and Me Chronicles: Brother Morris and the Cigar Box

8 bars with: jo ann james

Becoming Big Mama

That time I got a pre-selfie with Steve Jobs

Big Mama's Blog

8 bars with: jahi sundance

The Chance and Me Chronicles: Wes Unseld and the Electric Chair

Dear LeBron: an open letter to LeBron James on how he can help lead the charge to change policing

#TheBigwhiteLie and American Exceptionalism

Words Matter - Stories Matters

Sex - a short story

The Big White Lie - #TheBigwhiteLie

The Chance and Me Chronicles

Minstrelsy, the specter of Jim Crow and Donald Trump as the coon!

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 30 - 2020

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 29 - 2019

#TheBigwhiteLie, #AllLivesMatter and white privilege: #RemovetheVelvetRope

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 28 - 2018

Dreams of Godard

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 27 - 2017

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 26 - 2016

8 Bars with: betty baye

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 25 - 2015

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 24 - 2014

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 23 - 2013

#TheBigwhiteLie and the so called "Indian / Native American"

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 22 - 2012

8 Bars with: kris funn

Love, life, the rain and Father's Day

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 21 - 2011

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 20 - 2010

The George Floyd video and 12 Years a Slave

#TheBigwhiteLie of The Bluest Eye: False Standards of Beauty, Part I

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 19 - 2009

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 18 - 2008

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 17 - 2007

My mother and the Hawaiian Honu

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 16 - 2006

8 bars with:

Just Like the Word Ni##er, White $upr&#@cy is No Longer in My Vocabulary

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 15 - 2005

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 14 - 2004

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 13 - 2003

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 12 - 2002

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 11 - 2001

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 10 - 2000

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 9 - 1999

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 8 - 1998

Even in the midst of chaos, I see glimmers of hope

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Year 7 - 1997

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 7 - 1997

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Year 6 - 1996

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 6 - 1996

America is Burning. What now?

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Year 5 - 1995

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 5 - 1995

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Year 4 - 1994

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 4 - 1994

The educated guesses family of brands

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Year 3 - 1993

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 3 - 1993

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Year 2 - 1992

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 2 - 1992

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Year 1 - 1991

Fairytale Mixtape: Year 1 - 1991

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Wedding Year - 1990

Fairytale Mixtape: Wedding Year - 1990

Fairytale Mixtape Audio Version: Introduction

Fairytale Mixtape: Introduction

Fairytale Mixtape

Prentice Penny's Uncorked is Exceptional

The Good Fight, Bizzaro World and the Boiling Frog

Growing a boy into manhood: Lessons from the Lion King taught by my wife

My Memories of my Uncle Sack and Mr. Ellis Marsalis

"That's me up there baby": Milt Grayson and the Love Jones Soundtrack

Parasite - 5 Lessons learned about technology from the Oscar award winning movie

6 Things that will emerge as the New Normal because of the Coronavirus Crisis

The Omni-Americans: white supremacy folklore and black pathology fakelore 50 years later

Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad and the complexity of freedom

What I learned from binge watching Hulu's High Fidelity

My musings on McCoy Tyner

LeBron James is the G.O.A.T.?

The source of Spike's regard

Dwyane Wade: The Russian Judge

Gayle, Kobe, Trump, Cosby, Snoop and the road to redemption

Black Music, the Grammys, commercialism and white supremacy