8 bars with: kyle goldman

Our guest is jazz lover, philanthropist and activist Kyle J. Goldman

8 bars with is a series on educated guesses where we offer up 8 questions to a special guest for them to ponder and freestyle on.  The questions aren't necessarily questions as much as they are prompts or linguistic ink blots meant to stimulate thought.  The responses can be short and pithy, long and loquacious or somewhere in between.

Kyle J. Goldman is a jazz lover, philanthropist, believer in justice and honesty and activist in issues important to her.

1. Math is?

Elegance, truth and balance. Reveling in pure logic. Seeing numbers and equations in much of what I do. It’s a large part of who I am, yet I only learned to embrace this gift well into my adult life.

2. Rock Climbing?

A secret passion. The exhilaration I feel when completing difficult climbs.

3. Get out of my head?

What is coincidence? What is this undefined connection we have with certain other people in our lives? Have you ever reached for your phone to call somebody and as you do, they call you? Or you wake up one morning thinking about a friend you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time, and there in your inbox is an email from them? This occurs often with particular people in my life and I can’t just chalk it up to coincidence.

4. I got 20 years left?

My mantra upon turning 60. Reminding me on a daily basis to stay in the present and make good choices with the time I have left. In today’s society we push death away, removing it from our daily existence, which I feel ultimately harms our well being.  Having a constant reminder of my mortality helps me choose how to spend my time wisely and what kind of person I want to be.

5. Ditch Mitch?

Do I need to say more? What does it mean to be liberal? What does it mean to be conservative? What does it mean to be just outright mean? The senator from Kentucky, who has been in office for more than 30 years, will not be judged kindly by history.

6. That was the best concert ever?

Dream Band at Kuumbwa April 2015, Joshua Redman at Kuumbwa November 2013, Grateful Dead throughout the 1980s.

7.A picture is worth a thousand words? 

Some people look, other people see. I never expect my friends to be interested in what I do.

8. Google maps?

My first job out of college in 1980 was working at the U.S. Census Bureau developing software to render and edit digital maps. It was the only job offered to me after graduation and it was certainly not what I thought I should be doing. And yet that first job put me on the most amazing career trajectory, one that I never could have imagined. It taught me a lesson: What you think is right for you at a given moment, might not ultimately serve you best.

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