8 bars with:

8 linguistic ink blots meant to stimulate thought.

8 bars with is a series on educated guesses where we offer up 8 questions to a special guest for them to ponder and freestyle on.  The questions aren't necessarily questions as much as they are prompts or linguistic ink blots meant to stimulate thought. The responses can be short and pithy, long and loquacious or somewhere in between.

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Series List:

Greg Tate - writer, musician and cultural provocateur

Greg Thomas - author and CEO of the Jazz Leadership Project

DJ Johnson - former NFL player, broadcaster, actor, fitness coach, activist and motivational speaker

Nabaté Isles - trumpeter, educator, composer, producer and sports junkie

Allyson Wynn - entrepreneur, business owner and event planner

Keith Henry Brown - artist, illustrator and writer

Christian McBride, Part I - six-time GRAMMY Award winning bassist, bandleader, composer, artistic director and radio host

Clifton Anderson - executive, entrepreneur and leadership consultant

Kyle J. Goldman - jazz lover, philanthropist, believer in justice and honesty and activist

Eugene Holley, Jr. - journalist and writer

Mark Ruffin - program director, broadcaster, producer and author

Jenny Campbell - educator, entrepreneur, wife, mother and youth advocate

Larry Muhammad - playwright producer and former journalist

Lynne Toye - artist, curator and chief administrative officer at Harlem School of the Arts

Jo Ann James - retired social worker and First Lady of Elim Baptist Church

Jahi Sundance - DJ and producer

Betty Baye - author, journalist motivational speaker and lecturer

Kris Funn - bassist, bandleader, educator and composer

We’re adding more guests every week, so please check back regularly.

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