8 Bars with: kris funn

Our guest is bassist, bandleader, educator and composer, Kris Funn.

8 bars with: is a series on educated guesses where we offer up 8 questions to a special guest for them to ponder and freestyle on.  The questions aren't necessarily questions as much as they are prompts or linguistic ink blots meant to stimulate thought.  The responses can be short and pithy, long and loquacious or somewhere in between.

Our very first guest is bassist, bandleader, educator and composer, Kris Funn.  Kris is a native of Baltimore, MD.  He is on faculty at the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins.  He loves to engage in a spirited conversation, be it 280 characters at a time, a back and forth dialogue, or one note at a time on the bandstand. Kris is a lifelong learner who has recently taken his quest for the truth to a new medium - Medium.com - where he is challenging the masses by publishing his thoughts and opinions.

Without further ado, here are 8 bars with Kris Funn.

1. James Baldwin?

No writer has changed my outlook on life more than James Baldwin.

2. Quarantine soundtrack?

The soothing snoring sounds of my 13 year old Labrador, Mingus

3. Why Android?

Do we want freedom or not?

4. Logic is Lysol?

Knowledge sanitizes any room.

5. Kamala is a cop?

If we want the plumbing fixed we should probably call the person who has the most experience working with toilets….

6. Worst COVID-19 symptom?

Definitely losing your taste.

7. Uncle Joe? (Joe Biden for the uninitiated)

If I am trying to escape a burning house, the person holding the ladder doesn’t matter much to me.

8. CornerStore?

My entire approach to music composition can be summed up in the concept of a corner store.

Since we had so much fun, we'll add one more for the road.

9. Baltimore is?

Home exists inside of all of us more than we’ll ever admit.

Check out Kris' pieces on Medium.com