Nita's Blend

A busy mom of a blended family who is doing her best, to figure it all out, gives advice, tips and leads discussions on life because there is no manual to this.

Nita’s Blend

( - is a series of articles, stories, discussions and nuggets of advice from Kenithia Avery a sister, daughter, aunty, wife and mother trying to figure it all out because:

There is no manual to this!!

  • I am not considered a child expert, I don’t have a Ph.D. or anything that makes me qualified to discuss topics of being a parent other than the fact that I have experience and a lot of situations that I have been through, dealt with and overcame with my four “wonderful children”.

  • I will write about situations that I have dealt with over my lifetime including my complicated childhood and my co-parenting of a blended family. Just a disclaimer. I am not an English major. Sometimes it may just warrant me using some slang - Ya’ feel me. 

  • If you have ever found yourself sitting and asking “Am I the only one?” Chances are you aren’t. I will explore some of those topics for discussion.

  • I will talk about things such as being the oldest child, being the youngest child, being a middle child, being a step child, teenage drama, being a wife and a mother of four while holding down a full-time career, being a certified Zumba instructor, serving as PTA president, taking online classes to finally obtain my bachelors degree, running my children and their friends around - “Mom shuttle service” and being a diehard sports mom and coach’s wife - all while, as my friends say, making it look good with ease.

  • I will also talk about failures. Some things were just an epic fail. But hey, if you don’t try, you can’t succeed.

  • That’s enough to get us started. I’m sure there will be more.

Welcome to Nita’s Blend.

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