Nov 21, 2023Liked by Wynton Kelly Stone Guess

Thank you for sharing your excellent insight. As always, it is appreciated. Quick question - given where we are in a "integrated society and culture" in 2023 perhaps your next piece can expand upon many of the solutions and actions we should take economically, socially and politically to enhance and broaden our current "gains" in the US, while expanding into and focusing upon on what I would call the positions you are making in your article - "Black-Self & Community Excellence". Excellence with "yourself" and others like you is nothing more than "singular excellence" or as you rightfully put it just Black Excellence.

By the way, I have always believed that another perfect example of this "make believe black excellence" is the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). While I believe political representation is important for our community, it should not be at the expense of "herding" black people into gerrymandered voting districts so that members of the CBC can be paid to be "politician for life". While I guess we should be happy that the 58 current members of the CBC have a job for life, with the best health and full-retirement plan available and paid for by our community, I will state that they are a perfect example of do-nothing black excellence you talk about that has allowed the "political right and left" to manipulate and control them at the expense of our broader community and the US.

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