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The Source of Spike’s Regard


The only thing that Spike Lee is known for more than his filmography –  and his infamous dolly shots –  is for being a fixture at New York Knick games.   Lee is a walking mascot for the New York Knicks and the franchise’s most famous and visible fan. For almost three decades, Lee has held court side season tickets for his hometown team that have reportedly cost him nearly $10 million...

Dwyane Wade: The Russian Judge


The one thing that truly separates the NBA from the NFL and even MLB is that it is as close to a meritocracy as you can get in sports.   Because of the length of the season and the playoff format, the best team usually wins – when health isn’t a factor.  Because the NFL only has 16 games and playoffs are win or go home, a bad call or a botched play can cost a better team a chance...

Gayle, Kobe, Trump, Cosby, Snoop and the Road to Redemption


The internet exploded yesterday proving yet again that middle ground in this country is eroding faster than the polar ice caps. CBS This Morning posted a clip of an interview that the show’s anchor Gayle King had conducted with former WNBA player Lisa Leslie about the passing of her close friend Kobe Bryant. Although the interview touched on a myriad of topics, the promotional clip on...

Black Music, The Grammys, Commercialism and White Supremacy


The Grammys were held last night in Los Angeles.  The producers of the show had to scramble to put in some content that would acknowledge the untimely death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash just hours before the telecast.  Ironically, Kobe was heading towards the Staples Center to coach a game for his daughter Gigi’s team before he and she became the victims of the tragic accident...

Be Careful What You Ask For…Empathy and the NBA


Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have been linked together a lot lately since a video of the two of them talking in a hallway of the Spectrum Center before last month’s All-Star game in Charlotte went viral. When asked about the video by reporters in Milwaukee before the Celtics’ Feb 21st game at Milwaukee, Kyrie responded “It’s a video of me and one of my best friends talking.” These two “best...

Terrorism Reimagined


I am a sophomore at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky, which is the first interracial and coeducational institution in the south, and also the alma mater of Dr. Carter G. Woodson.  I major in African and African American Studies and Spanish. This weekend I had an opportunity to travel with the department to Montgomery, Alabama. Our journey to Montgomery was two-fold. Besides being a key city in...

Living abroad has given me a newfound appreciation for my senator Rand Paul


Cutting through the noise and chatter that has become a characteristic feature of American political life in the age of social media can prove to be a difficult task if one is not astute. As a young American living abroad (25-years old) in the United Kingdom for the past four years, and being able to see the country transform over that time, I was able to see two different perspectives...

MAGA vs. The Hashtags


The midterm elections are 4 weeks from today. The battle lines have been drawn. The spectacle around the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is just the latest factor that will force Americans to choose sides on November 6th. One one side of the aisle are the Republicans and their mercurial populist President who is fighting to “Make America Great Again” and on the other side are...

Project Fi vs. T-Mobile vs. Verizon and My Pursuit of the Perfect Phone Service Solution


In my piece, Apple vs. Google and My Pursuit of Technological Perfection, I chronicled my decision to purchase the new iPhone XS Max to replace my Google Pixel 2 XL even before the Pixel 3 launch on Monday, October 9th – with the caveat that I reserved the right to change my mind. Barring a truly blockbuster rollout by Google, I’m pretty sure that that I’m going to stick with the iPhone...

How I went from wanting to be a writer to absolutely knowing that I am one


There are three things that have helped me make the transition from wanting to be a writer to absolutely knowing that I am one. 1) An ongoing and honest pursuit of self-discovery through self-awareness 2) Using the results of my self-discovery to develop good habits 3) Remembering the advice I gave my 25 year old son Wynton when he was 8 and applying it to myself as a writer. The first two helped...

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