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How the NBA and YouTube TV Swindled Me Out of $50


After obsessively checking the interwebs for weeks to see when NBA League Pass would be available on YouTube TV, I decided to take matters into my own hands yesterday. I contacted YouTube TV customer support to get an update. I started a chat session and the agent promptly told me that she had no information regarding League Pass being added to YouTube TV. I was disappointed but not dismayed...

The Millennial Corporate Rehabilitation Campaign


Throughout my quarter century of life, I have been witness to one of the most staggering transformations of my generation,  as we have come closer to inheriting leadership role in the world that reared us.  As we come of age as the largest generation in adulthood we are expected to take the reins of our economic system and all of the totalizing wealth that comes along with that responsibility...

Serena Williams vs. Double Standards and Sexism


The stage was set for a historic 2018 US Open Women’s final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Saturday. The match took place exactly 50 years to the day when the stadium’s namesake defeated Tom Okker of The Netherlands to become the first black man to win the coveted title. I’m sure that most envisioned the story ending with Serena hoisting the winner’s trophy over...

Nike and Kaepernick Want You to Believe in Something – Their Bottomline


Jemele Hill in what is probably one of her last acts as an employee at ESPN wrote an op-ed today for The Undefeated about Nike’s 30th Anniversary of the “Just Do It” Campaign that features Colin Kaepernick. In the piece, Hill speaks the absolute truth, but in doing so she unwittingly undermines the whole notion of speaking truth to power, the very thing that she supposedly did that brought her...

The NFL is a TV Show and Covets its Audience More than its Players


In the wake of the controversy surrounding the national anthem protests around police brutality spearheaded by Colin Kaepernick in 2016, many pundits have said that the NFL is like a TV Show and that the protests are bad for ratings and thus bad for advertisers and business.  The collision of the announcement of the decision by the NFL, to in essence outlaw protests during the national anthem...

Charles Barkley’s Behavior Is Getting Out of Hand


The NBA has evolved in many ways over the years. The game is more perimeter oriented and teams are moving towards position-less players who can play and defend at all positions. As the game is evolving, many are lamenting the loss of the rough and tumble aspects of the game. Unfortunately in yearning for yesterday, the analysis of the game in some ways is devolving. They can’t seem to let...

Bob McNair, Racial Habits and the Man in the Mirror


It has been said that true integrity is when one’s thoughts, words and actions are aligned and consistent. The latest public figure whose words have caused us to call their integrity into question is the owner of the  Houston Texans, Bob McNair. During an Oct 18th private meeting of NFL owners, executives and player union representatives, McNair said in reference to the players and their...

Educated Guesses A Blog Full of Guesses