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Black Panther and the Importance of Art as Propaganda


February 16, 2018 reminds me of November 4, 2008.  The only thing in recent memory that I can equate to the response and anticipation of the release of Marvel’s Black Panther in the black community is the 2008 election of Barack Obama.  I haven’t seen as much hoopla, hype and hysteria come from black folks about the likes of Wakanda and Afrofuturism since the days of “Hope and...

Bob McNair, Racial Habits and the Man in the Mirror


It has been said that true integrity is when one’s thoughts, words and actions are aligned and consistent. The latest public figure whose words have caused us to call their integrity into question is the owner of the  Houston Texans, Bob McNair. During an Oct 18th private meeting of NFL owners, executives and player union representatives, McNair said in reference to the players and their...

Polarization and the Need for Common Ground


A troubling trend sweeping across these so-called United States of America is polarization. We are increasingly being asked, or in some cases required, to choose one side or the other on many issues on the political and cultural landscape. This polarization is undoubtedly affecting how people feel about racism and racial discrimination in the country.  A recent poll conducted by NPR, the Robert...

The Power of Forgiveness – Lessons from Charleston


On the morning of June 18th, I got a call from the editor of one of the sites that I write for telling me that he needed me to get him a piece on Charleston ASAP. I didn’t know what he was talking about. I hadn’t watched any television the day before nor that morning and I was yet to login to my computer. He told me about the racially motivated mass murder of nine black parishioners at Emmanuel...

E pluribus duo – The Ongoing Erosion of Our More Perfect Union


The Latin phrase e pluribus unum is found on the official seal of the United States of America. It means – out of many, one.  This initially was a reference to the individual states coming together to form one republic.  Later the phrase was accepted to symbolize many nationalities, races, religions, etc. coming together to form one nation. Two recent events, the open letter from Republican...

Educated Guesses A Blog Full of Guesses