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Andre Kimo Stone Guess is a writer and cultural critic from the Smoketown neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. He was VP and Producer for Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York and CEO of the August Wilson Center for African American Culture in Pittsburgh. He now runs GuessWorks, Inc. with his wife Cheryl.

MAGA vs. The Hashtags


The midterm elections are 4 weeks from today. The battle lines have been drawn. The spectacle around the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is just the latest factor that will force Americans to choose sides on November 6th. One one side of the aisle are the Republicans and their mercurial populist President who is fighting to “Make America Great Again” and on the other side are...

Project Fi vs. T-Mobile vs. Verizon and My Pursuit of the Perfect Phone Service Solution


In my piece, Apple vs. Google and My Pursuit of Technological Perfection, I chronicled my decision to purchase the new iPhone XS Max to replace my Google Pixel 2 XL even before the Pixel 3 launch on Monday, October 9th – with the caveat that I reserved the right to change my mind. Barring a truly blockbuster rollout by Google, I’m pretty sure that that I’m going to stick with the iPhone...

How I went from wanting to be a writer to absolutely knowing that I am one


There are three things that have helped me make the transition from wanting to be a writer to absolutely knowing that I am one. 1) An ongoing and honest pursuit of self-discovery through self-awareness 2) Using the results of my self-discovery to develop good habits 3) Remembering the advice I gave my 25 year old son Wynton when he was 8 and applying it to myself as a writer. The first two helped...

How the NBA and YouTube TV Swindled Me Out of $50


After obsessively checking the interwebs for weeks to see when NBA League Pass would be available on YouTube TV, I decided to take matters into my own hands yesterday. I contacted YouTube TV customer support to get an update. I started a chat session and the agent promptly told me that she had no information regarding League Pass being added to YouTube TV. I was disappointed but not dismayed...

Apple vs Google and My Pursuit of Technological Perfection


I am a self-professed techno junky. It is my vice of choice. I used to be a die hard Apple fanboy, but have grown tired of their antics over the years, especially since Steve Jobs, who I had the pleasure of working with on the launch of the video iPod in 2005, passed away. It seems as if they have stopped innovating and have decided to polish instead of chisel. Over the past 5 years or so I have...

The Pyrex Dish that Served Up Emmys for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Last night, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won 8 Emmy Awards including Best Comedy Series. A few weeks ago my wife and I decided to start watching the Amazon Prime series. I had read that the show was critically acclaimed and that it had previously won several awards so as it nears the premiere of Season 2, I decided to take it out for a test drive. I am very critical of television series, especially...

Serena Williams vs. Double Standards and Sexism


The stage was set for a historic 2018 US Open Women’s final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Saturday. The match took place exactly 50 years to the day when the stadium’s namesake defeated Tom Okker of The Netherlands to become the first black man to win the coveted title. I’m sure that most envisioned the story ending with Serena hoisting the winner’s trophy over...

Nike and Kaepernick Want You to Believe in Something – Their Bottomline


Jemele Hill in what is probably one of her last acts as an employee at ESPN wrote an op-ed today for The Undefeated about Nike’s 30th Anniversary of the “Just Do It” Campaign that features Colin Kaepernick. In the piece, Hill speaks the absolute truth, but in doing so she unwittingly undermines the whole notion of speaking truth to power, the very thing that she supposedly did that brought her...

Interview on NPR’s The Takeaway on Gospel Music


Following the article I did on gospel music for The Undefeated, WYNC’s The Takeaway invited me on the show to discuss the state of gospel in the wake of Aretha Franklin’s passing. Before Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, made a mark with mainstream hits, she was a gospel icon. Like many famous singers, her career began in the church. Aretha’s father, the Rev. C.L. Franklin, was a famous...

King in the Wilderness


I watched the HBO documentary King in the Wilderness last night. It was a first person account of the last year of MLK’s life from those in his inner-circle who are still alive. A dozen years removed from his entrance onto the national stage with his leadership during the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott and just a few years since the historic I Have a Dream speech and the landmark Civil Rights...

Educated Guesses A Blog Full of Guesses